We have everything you need for the refit and repair of your yacht

At Varadero Valencia the client has access to a technical specialist who will offer advice and manage the necessary work, dealing with all requirements requested.

Thanks to our control and supervision of each scheduled phase of the work, we can guarantee speed and efficiency in the servicing of all kinds of boats. And this is precisely what makes us a high-performance and highly-professional centre.

Other special services are restaurant and club reservations, car hire, catering, yacht cleaning and many more, through our exclusive Concierge Service for clients.


Varadero Valencia brings together the best team of specialists and associated collaborators to offer a full range of state-of-the-art services able to satisfy the most demanding of requirements.

General Services

  • Travelift of boats up to 300 tn and 45 m length
  • Forklift truck
  • Project Manager
  • High-pressure water
  • yacht cleaning
  • 24/7 surveillance
  • Containers
  • Berths
  • TPA Management service
  • Concierge

With more than 40 years experience delivering quality and professionalism, we provide an impeccable service in hull, deck and superstructure painting as well as carrying out fibreglass, carbon fibre and composite repairs with outstanding aesthetic finishes and maximum durability.

We are ready and able to tackle all new craft specs and sector requirements, conducting extensive training sessions to improve and familiarise ourselves with the latest painting techniques and products.

We erect custom wrap-around scaffolding and hangars to ensure all jobs are executed with the utmost efficiency, guaranteeing maximum quality in all our paint and repair work.

  • Approved applicators of Awlgrip, Dupont Marine and International.
  • Jobs using fibreglass, gelcoats, varnishes and Sika.
  • Fairing compounds, fillers and finishings.
  • Paintwork restoration and patching.
  • Stripping and polishing of all types of paint, varnishes and gelcoats.
  • Osmosis treatment with technical supervision by Jotun and International.
  • Antifouling application by Airless Spray, Airmix and roller.
  • Surface blasting with air/water/silica jet.
  • Official applicators and distributors of Propspeed.
empresa the carpentry

Located within the shipyard’s facilities and managed by experts boasting extensive experience, our aim is to offer the most specialised and comprehensive service in the repair and maintenance of wood, guaranteeing maximum quality and care on each of the jobs we undertake.

We are a benchmark wood working company that deals with classic boats in the Mediterranean, providing a 360° service. The success seen in the final product results from our knowledge of boats in general and classic boats in particular, along with our sailing experience and participation on classic yacht refits.

  • Changing teak decks.
  • Changing hull tables and caulking.
  • Construction of masts, booms and outriggers.
  • Design and construction of indoor and outdoor furniture.
  • Construction of pulleys and deck hardware in general.
  • Installation and removal of keels on wooden boats.

Mechanics and hydraulics

Aware of the challenges new technologies bring and of increasingly complex hydraulic and mechanical systems, we have on hand a team of technical experts with extensive knowledge and professional skills able to provide occasional repairs to motor and sail boats and also regular maintenance jobs.

  • Detection of zones with overheating using thermographic techniques.
  • Endoscopic inspection of engines.
  • Redesign in machine rooms.
  • Installation of new engines, generators, inverters, under certification.
  • Servicing and maintenance of machines.
  • Shafts and propellers: alignment, measuring, repair and calibration. Changing bearings, installation of new machines.

  • Adjustment, overhaul and repair of pumps.
  • Installation of high-pressure lines.
  • Servicing and maintenance of pumps, pressure groups, pistons, rolling devices, hydraulic cylinders, kicking straps, etc.


  • Unstopping / stepping rigs and rigging services.
  • Overhaul of winches and rigging.
  • Custom-made rigging.
  • Installation and maintenance of winches.
  • Sale and installation of deck hardware.
  • Customised ropes, sheets, cables, lines.
  • Sail furling system.
  • Sale of masts.

TPA Management

  • Management of the documentation for Inward Processing Traffic (TPA) for its boats with a non-EU flag and owner.
  • It also includes dealings with insurance companies and customs.


  • Specialised jobs in technical welding.
  • Design and manufacture of metal structures such as arches, stanchions, tanks, poles, platforms, bathing steps.
  • Hot and cold galvanising.
  • Chrome plating, anodising.
  • Installation of tubes in stainless steel and galvanised iron.
  • Insulated tanks.
  • Thickness measurements using ultrasound technique.
  • Tooling. Manufacture of customised parts.


  • Protection of surfaces over paint, gelcoat and glass.
  • Metal, glass and wood sealants.
  • Mirror-effect shine with polymer sealants.
  • Surface treatment with latest generation products.

Non-destructive testing

  • Thickness measurement of hull and metal structures.
  • Inspection of welded joints, pipes, outlets and exhausts.
  • Inspection of propeller shafts, blades and props.
  • Inspection of engine components and hydraulic systems.
  • Inspection of rudders, masts, booms and jumper struts.
  • Inspection of rigging and its fixing components.
  • Inspection of keel pins and bolts.
  • Inspection of carbon fibre structures.

Upholstery and interiors

  • Manufacture and repair of deck cushions, canopies, Bimini tops, lazy bags and other deck elements such as winch covers, life rafts, helm wheel covers, mooring tarpaulins, binnacle covers.
  • Winter storage tarpaulins.
  • Interior sofa and cushion upholstery.
  • Carpets.
  • Sail cleaning and winter storage.
  • Sail repair, including sail installation and removal.
  • Reports and official assessments of sail condition.
  • Design and manufacture of sails.


  • Design and overhaul of electrical installations.
  • Insulation resistance measurements.
  • Detection of zones with overheating using thermographic techniques.
  • Generator adjustment and synchronisation, performance testing (LOAD BANK).
  • Charging measurement for batteries.


  • Supply, installation and repair of navigation devices (GPS, plotters, automatic pilots, navigation software, thermal cameras, etc.).
  • Supply and maintenance of batteries, chargers, rectifiers, inverters, etc.

Safety and tiv

  • Fire-fighting equipment. Inspection, supply and installation of fire appliances.
  • Inspection, supply and installation of fire detection systems.
  • Inspection, supply and certification of life rafts, radio beacons, self-inflating life-jackets, immersion suits, pyrotechnics, Jonbuoy MOB, etc.
  • Technical Inspection of Vessels (TIV).
  • Inspection of diving equipment.

Refrigeration and climate control

  • Supply and installation of air-conditioning equipment (cold-hot).
  • Inspection of fan coils.
  • Gas charging.
  • Leak detection.
  • Compressor inspection.
  • Installation of new systems and insulation of compartments.
  • Design, construction and installation of heaters. Boilers.
  • Installation of PVC, polypropylene tubes.
  • Black water treatment system (Hamann). Periodical inspection and certifications.
  • Inspection and replacement of sea valves and valves in general.
  • Inspection and maintenance of black and grey water treatment systems (Marpol certification).
  • Cleaning and emptying of black and grey water tanks. Marpol agent.
  • Repair of inflatable boats with PVC, neoprene and Hypalon.
  • Repair of fenders.
  • Interior and exterior cleaning.
  • Cleaning of upholstery and carpets with dry or wet cleaning.
  • Cleaning of engine rooms, bilges, etc.
  • Disinfection, sterilisation and deodorisation of mattresses, cushions, pillows, etc.
  • Collection and return of clothes, washed, ironed and perfumed.
  • Washed and dried.
  • Dry-cleaned.

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