05 May, 2020

Varadero Valencia resumes its activity with special sanitary measures. Also, with a free yacht transfer service for the safety of their clients.

In these extraordinary circumstances that we are experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Varadero Valencia wishes to send a message of encouragement and hope to the nautical sector and in particular to its clients and collaborators.

Since the period of validity of Royal Decree Law 10/2020 in which it established the function of essential services only, Varadero Valencia resumed its activity with more force and also with great caution regarding the safety of its workers and hygiene of its installations.

In this sense, Santiago Donat, Manager of Varadero Valencia, details that “a rigorous protocol of safety and hygiene has been prepared, having applied a disinfectant on the sidewalks and around the dry dock, we have doubled the cleaning service of the offices, we have provided masks, nitrile gloves and disinfectant gel to all the shipyard workers, as well as the regulatory PPE for the operators on the esplanade, and we have also closed common areas”.

But it has not only been about converting the esplanade of Varadero Valencia into a safe area to work. In addition, and with the aim of facilitating operations for its clients, Varadero Valencia has launched a special service during the Alarm State, offering the free transfer of yachts of up to 16m in length to take them to the shipyard for their Repair and Maintenance. Through Valencia Charters, a professional is in charge of collecting all those yachts that request it, returning them later to the mooring point once repaired. This service has been very well received as many clients wanted to tune up their yacht before the summer season but either for prevention or the current situation, they were not allowed to leave home.

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